Energy Guide from ECV

Stay Cool in Summer too!

Air sealing and insulation that keep your house warmer in winter will also keep it cooler in hot weather. Weatherize to stay comfortable year-round!

UV HEAT Home Weatherization Help for the Upper Valley

Help the Environment

Weatherizing your home also helps the planet by decreasing your use of electricity and fossil-fuels, such as oil and propane.Less fuel burned means less pollution and fewer greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. Future generations will thank you.

Keep Comfortable

With sub-zero temperatures common during the Upper Valley’s winter months, many area homeowners worry about keeping their families warm.

Weatherizing your home can give you less to worry about. By finding and plugging the places where warm air escapes, and cold air comes into, your house, you and your family will have a more comfortable home. The same steps help you beat the heat in the summer, too, as your home will stay cooler.

Weatherize Your Home

Keep your family warm in winter, cooler in summer, save money on energy bills and protect the environment by weatherizing your home!

With numerous community resources available to help – including low-income assistance and financial incentiveshiring a professional to do the work or doing it yourself has never been easier.

Save Money

Weatherizing your home can cut the average homeowner’s energy use between 25 and 30 percent.

That means saving $800 to $1,000 a year, making your upfront investments in weatherization (supplies, contractor fees, etc.) a pretty good bargain.